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Merchant's Reserve FAQs

Do you offer wholesale and large volume order discounts?

Yes!  Please contact us with your product interests and approximate order quantity for more information and we'll get back to you promptly with pricing.

How long do your products last?

Merchant's Reserve's products are packaged and shipped directly to our customers not long after they have been made.  Nut and chocolate products usually last about 6 months from the time of purchase.  However for freshest taste and optimum flavor, we recommend enjoying as soon as possible. 

What's the best way to store your products?

Nuts last longest in an airtight container in a cool place and out of direct light.  Chocolate products are best kept at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

I have special dietary concerns, how do I know if your products are right for me?

We do our best to list specific allergen and dietary detail information on each product.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Can I recycle your packaging?

Yes!  Our packaging has been specifically designed to be recycled and/or reused whenever possible.  Our jars, cap, kraft crinkle fill and box are recyclable (please check with your local recycling center) and our Merchant's Reserve Cargo Bags can be reused in many different ways. 

What does the sticker on the bottom of the package mean?

The sticker on the bottom of the package is an just an internal tracking code we use to trace each lot of products for quality, freshness and safety.  It is not an expiration date code. 

I have a question not listed here, how can I get an answer?

Please feel free to contact us and we'll get you an answer as soon as possible.