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Introducing Handmade Gift Crates & Customizable Gifts!

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Merchant's Reserve is proud to offer our newest gifting experience -handsome, handmade crates branded with our logo that can be customized with our most popular gourmet nut snacks! 

The crates are locally sourced from Chesapeake Wood Crafts, a local military family business.  Chesapeake Wood Crafts is a husband and wife team that creates and markets beautiful wood crafts.  Every crate is handcrafted and branded with the Merchant's Reserve logo so each one has its own special character and charm.  The crates are made of pine with smooth edges so they can be used again and again for years to come!

Since these crates are so special, we've decided to take the gifting experience even further by allowing you to customize your gift too.  Now you can select your choice of Cargo Bag combination or Cargo Bag and two Jars to make the perfect gift!

This project collaboration is particularly exciting for us because it embodies so many of the ideals we support here at Merchant's Reserve: 

  • high quality artisanal craftsmanship
  • support for local family businesses
  • reusable packaging
  • elevated gift experience for our customers

We hope you enjoy customizing and reusing your gift crate.  

You can find the collection here and ship your crate anywhere throughout the United States.

Please feel free to share your experiences with us via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter) and, as always, we thank you for your support!


Merchant's Reserve Cargo Bag customize gift set in handmade crateMerchant's Reserve Cashew Cargo Bag Gift Crate with selection of 2 flavored specialty nut jarsMerchant's Reserve Handmade Custom Gift Crate



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