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Happy Earth Day -Reuse, Recycle!

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We all want to help the planet and the environment and sustainability is a top priority at Merchant's Reserve. As professionals in the food and packaging industries for many years, we approached our packaging and design with a holistic view shaped by our experiences.  When we considered the design of our packaging, we had several non-negotiable objectives:

1) Food safety:  packaging has to be food safe, shatter proof (to withstand shipping), and sealed for freshness

2) Aesthetics: premium food needs to be given premium treatment. We wanted consumers to be able to see the quality of the product inside our jars whenever possible and use high quality materials and design 

3) Sustainability: at the end of the day, packaging needs to be either recycled or reused so as to have as little impact on the planet as possible 

We are very proud of the functional, food safe, and aesthetic design of our products, however we feel it is our sustainability efforts that take our packaging to the next level! 

Not only are our jars completely recyclable (the whole package can be placed in the recycling bin!), but we are also very proud that our in-house design and production methods were implemented with a focus on waste-reduction.  Based on our years of experience, we've seen many instances where big companies will buy large quantities of packaging materials for specific products that can often go to waste based on seasonality, demand, or even the most minor of changes.  They rely on large runs of packaging film, labels, etc. to minimize costs, but if/when these packaging supplies go unused... they create waste. 

Our solution to this was to take on the responsibility of designing and printing our labels in-house as much as possible to minimize waste.  It's extra work on our part, but also helps us keep unused packaging materials to a minimum. We strive to produce only what we can use.  

Also, when we chose the premium packaging materials for our products, we wanted very much for those materials to be reusable.  When we considered the design of our "cargo bags", we didn't just want them to make beautiful gifts, but  also wanted material to be heavier and the design to be simpler to encourage reuse.  Our hope was if we could keep the canvas bag as simple, beautiful, and high quality as possible, people would be inclined to keep and reuse them long after the product inside has been enjoyed!

Nothing makes us happier than to hear stories of customers who not only love our products, but continue to reuse and enjoy our packaging as well!  

We'd love to hear YOUR stories of how you reuse Merchant's Reserve jars and bags -share your stories with us on FacebookInstagram or via e-mail at: 

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