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April is Earth Month!

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Earth Day is April 22, but the entire month is dedicated to learning how we can take better care of our planet.

We all want to "save the world", but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

So here at Merchant's Reserve, we believe you can't go wrong with the "3 R's of Conservation":


This is our mantra when choosing packaging and materials for our products.

REDUCE:  our packaging is designed to limit the use of extraneous materials as much as possible without affecting the integrity of our products.  The design of our jars was intended to be simple and attractive enough to present at a party or event without requiring decanting into another bowl or dish, which we consider to be somewhat wasteful.  

REUSE:  we try to make sure to incorporate reusable materials whenever we can.  The Merchant's Reserve Cargo Bag was designed not only to be an attractive package, but also so it can be reused as much as possible.  The bag design was deliberately kept simple with product information on the sealed packaging inside to encourage people to reuse it again and again.  We strive to sell products that are irresistible, in packaging that is useful long after you've enjoyed what's inside.  

Some ways to reuse your Merchant's Reserve Cargo Bag:

-travel pouch

-makeup bag

-storing fresh herbs and produce

-change purse

-storage for electronic accessories

-easy way to store and carry children's toys, crayons, puzzles, etc.

-hiking pouch

-extra golf bag storage 

Have a creative use for your Merchant's Reserve Cargo Bag?  

We'd LOVE to hear it!

Share how you reuse your Merchant's Reserve Cargo Bag with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest

RECYCLE: the majority of the packaging materials we use (jars, lids, peanut cans, shipping boxes, etc.) were chosen because they are easily recyclable.  Once our packaging materials have served their purpose to you, we encourage you to recycle them so they can be continue to be useful and not end up as waste.


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